Friday, 18 May 2012

Workshop on Sensory Integration

Sekadar menyampaikan maklumat tiada kepentingan disitu, kepada parents of special needs children only, satu workshop tentang  ' Making sense of sensory Integration' akan diadakan 2June 2012, bertempat di Malaysian Care, Bandar Tasik Selatan, KL. Sesiapa yg berminat boleh email dan membuat pembayaran RM50 kpd sebelum 29/5/12. PHN no:03-90582102 Atau email sy sy pun ada copy borangnya. Value for money pd sy utk timba pengalaman dgn bermodalkan RM50 masa skrg mmg xdpt. Tempat terhad.

Making Sense of Sensory Integration
Target Audience: Parents with special needs children

In this workshop, the Ms. Teo Lee Fun and her team, Ms. Serene
Lee and Yong Siew Peng will share their knowledge and
experience in these areas:
a) How to identify a child with sensory issues
b) What you can do – How to support & assist children with
sensory issues
c) Make learning fun and meaningful using Sensory
Integration Approach
d) Sensory Integration activities for home & school
e) Practical sessions – 5 stations to experience you own
sensory system; and
f) To explore the ‘just right’ sensory inputs
This workshop is suitable for parents as it includes practical
teaching and hands-on strategies to assist children who have
difficulties with sensory issues.

Comfortable clothes for easy movement

About the Team
The team consists of three occupational therapists: Teo Lee Fun,
Serene Lee and Yong Siew Ping who are trained locally and
With the passion and love for the special needs
children, these three dynamic and energetic OTs always
equipped themselves with numerous new and fun ideas to work
with special children. They believe that every child is God gift
and has his/her own hidden talent. For them, knowledge
sharing and continuous learning are equally important for
parents, caregivers and professionals involved with special
needs children