Thursday, 29 November 2007

I found it

Bestnya setelah sekian lama mencari akhirnya jumpa jgk favourite song aku nih. Everlasting love nyanyian Gerald Jolling, masa lagu nih br2 kuar dulu aku dok dlm form 4 lg thn 1996 gitu kalau xsalah. Tenang je rasa hati aku bila dengar lagu nih mmg evergreen la. So aku amk masuk dlm blog.

It looks like heaven to see you walk
To see the way you're moving on
Sounds like an angel when you talk
The words come out like in a song
Never thought what love could do inside
You're the place where I can hide
It feels like heaven to be with you
When you treat me like you do
Every minute of the day
Just with you I wanna stay
There will be no end....
We've got an everlasting love
So pure divine
We've got an everlasting love
Our love will last for all time

Monday, 26 November 2007

Life must go on....

Dah lebih seminggu i'm not in a good mood, rasa xbest je, dah mula fed up dgn hidop merantau nih xble nk settledown lg wpn dah 4thn, byk benda yg aku nk capai dlm usia menghampiri 30 nih tp xtercapai. Biasalah nk rasa berkereta sendiri, nk rasa gaji masuk tiap2 bulan and ble pegi shopping, nk rasa ada rumah sendiri yg cantik mcm dlm majalah tu, nk rasa berbaloinya aku penat belajar, nk rasa hidup berkerjaya, nk rasa makan kat tempat mahal, nk pegi melancong, nk rasa hidup selesa and it all about satisfaction. Something yg ble buat kt hepi melalui hari2 mendatang. Anyway aku pegang pada pepatah yg satu setiap kemanisan ada kepayahannya, anggap saja aku tgh lalu kepayahan tu. Semlm nk memujuk hati aku pegi jln2 dkt Fremantle. Di sni salah satu tempat ble jumpa ramai org Asia termasuklah Msia,Spore, Brunei dan Indonesia. Coz di sni tempat menjual souvenir Australia yg menjadi tumpuan ramai. Suasananya lebih kurang mcm kat CM tu (central market).Harganya pn berpatutan xmacam kat bandar. Byk peniaga di sini org Indonesia dan Cina Singapore. Rasa mcm kat Msia jgk la sbb byk tourist berbahasa Melayu (tourist Msia). Ble la dpt cheapest price utk souvenir Australia sarung tgn oven tu 1 dollar je. Barang2 kulit pn ble tahan gak harganya, affordable cuma kena hati2 takut terkena kulit babi je. Aku xbeli apa pn cuma aku berkenan satu shopping bag tu cantik sgt pd aku. Dr kanvas, emm skrg minat baru aku nk buat collection shopping bag, mna yg berkenan and berpatutan aku beli. Selalunya shopping bag nih kalau jenis biasa tu dlm 3-4 dollars. Yg kanvas nih mahal sikit 9 dollars. Tp aku berjaya mintak kurang dpt 8 dollars,heheee....1dollar pn bernilai tu sama dgn rm3. Kebetulan jgk masa nih kat Fremantle ada acara perlumbaan perahulayar, so dpt jgk aku tgk sekali.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Before you were big

The day you were born,
when we first met,
Was a glorious time,
one I'll never forget.
You became my baby,
and I became your mother,
And I felt great joy,
beyond any other.
And every day
from then on after,
You've filled my life with
love and laughter.
When you were a baby and only
one day old...

You needed three names: a first, middle, and last.
We'd tried out many, but only one combo passed.
It was balanced and friendly and dignified,
So we made it your own to use worldwide.

Your name is your own
and it feels just right.

It's easy to say and
not too hard to write.
When you were a baby and only
one month old...
You slept as much during the day as at night,
And weren’t bothered at all by noise or light.
Dozing in a car, train, or jumbo jet
Suited you as well as your bassinet.

Now you sleep
All through the night,

And don’t open your eyes
till the morning light.
When you were a baby and only
two months old
Instead a bathing you in the big tub,
I held you in the sink for your daily scrub.
You were too floppy to sit up on your own;
You needed my help or you’d sink like a stone.

Now you’ve mastered the art
Of bubbly disguises,

So tub time is full of jokes

and surprises.
When you were a baby and only
three months old
If a pal called out “hello” or “goodbye”,
You couldn’t yet say real words in reply.
Instead you uttered soft baby coos,
In answer to all such how~do~you~dos.

Now it’s easy
To shoot the breeze

With any person
that you please.
When you were a baby and only
four months old
Nothing as yet had made you laugh,
Not even your singing spotted giraffe,
Until Daddy put on one of his shows,
And you laughed at the sight of a spoon on his nose.

Now at times
there’s no controlling

You fits of laughter
once they’re rolling.
When you were a baby and only
five months old

You pushed yourself up with your arms slightly bent,
And added some oomph and over you went.
After that roll you tried a few more,
Then nothing could stop you from crossing the floor.

Now you’re nothing less
than superior,

At tumbling from
your head to posterior.
When you were a baby and only
six months old

Cutting new teeth made your gums awfully ouchy,
Which made you cry and act rather grouchy.
Of all the chewies that eased your teething,
You found your toes by far the most pleasing.

Now you have twenty teeth
~keep them clean.

They look better white
than mossy green.
When you were a baby and only
seven months old

You could easily have choked on a grape or cashew,
So hard foods like those were not offered to you.
Instead, you ate foods that were mashed into goo.
They were safe and easy for you to chew.

Now you can munch
On all kinds of snacks,

Even marshmallows, popcorn,
and Crackerjacks.
When you were a baby and only
eight months old
You learned to creep, but that didn’t last
Because creeping was slow and you wanted fast!
Propped on all fours, you found your balance,
And added crawling to your long list of talents.

Now it’s easy to stand
On tiptoe,

Or hop on one foot
fifty times in a row.
When you were a baby and only
nine months old

When I posed the question and held you high,
I never expected to hear a reply.
“Who loves her little chicken?”I whispered to you.
“Mama,” you said, out of the blue.

But now your vocabulary
Is immense,

And your talks are known
for their eloquence.
When you were a baby and only
ten months old

The difference between naughty and good
Was yet to be something you understood.

Now you understand
That naughty offenses

Are usually followed by
tough consequences.
When you were baby and only
eleven months old

You could hardly believe what was before your eyes
When you met someone who was just your size.
But when no one was looking he snatched your toy,
And then you wished to be rid of that boy.

Now you and your friends
know how to play fair,

And are more than happy
to swap and share.
When you were a baby and only
twelve months old

You stood up straight, and with a great deal of pep,
Proceeded to take your very first step.
It was followed by steps two, three, and four,
Then your well-padded bottom hit the floor.

Now when we’re walking
I have to plead

For you to slow
your rapid speed.
On your first birthday, when you turned one,
Your big~kid life had officially begun…

Your favourite people came to celebrate,
And cake with sprinkles is what we ate.
The entire household was completely abuzz,
But you didn’t know what day it was.

Now you can’t wait
Till your birthday’s here,

It’s your favourite day
of the entire year.
You’ve grown so much since your very first day.
Now you’re up and running and on your way
To have more adventures and explore new heights,
And to sample all of life’s fabulous delights.

written by:Jennifer Davis

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Boring day

Today di antara beribu-ribu ari yg membosankan dlm hidup aku. Xlarat dah aku terus hidup mcm nih. Letih dah aku, xtahu la sampai bila aku ble terus mengingatkan diri aku utk terus bersabar. Sama mcm 4 thn dlu, aku hidup dlm persekitaran yg x sesuai. Bukan aku je anak aku pun sama. Aku xde kawan, xde jiran& xde keje. Dunia aku anak2 aku. Sian Maira pasti hidupnya pn memboringkan mcm mama dia jgk, xde kawan & xde tempat bermain. Aku nak anak2 aku merasai zaman kanak2 aku dlu, hepi byk kawan sepermainan, petang2 gi main sama2. Tiap kali aku terkenang semua nih rasa bersalah meyelubungi aku. Sekurang2 nya bila dia besar nnti adalah something utk dikenang. Sbb tu aku cuba sebaik mungkin memberikan yg terbaik utk anak2 aku, biar aku penat menolak stroller kesana kemari asal ble buat dia hepi. Sekurang2nya kalau ke tmn mainan tu atau ke library ble juga dia bermain di sna, belajar bergaul dgn rakan2 sebaya, & yg penting dpt melalui zmn kanak2nya dgn lebih bermakna.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Homemade muffins

Ptg nih Maira buat perangai sikit, xnak tdo wpn mata dah mengantok sgt. Menangis nk stickers apa ntah dia nmpak kat kedai. Dah beli dlu tp nk yg lain pulak. Xtau nk alih perhatian dia camna lagi so aku ajak dia buat muffin,hehee.....melompat dia. Suka sgt, mmg kegemaran dia la masak2 yg guna oven nih. Berpandukan resepi kat botol selfraising flour kami buat muffin rasberries. Suka dia bila diberi peluang buat sendiri, tp part2 tertentu je klau x, abih tepung bertaburan byk tumpah dr yg masuk dlm mangkuk.
Dah 4-5 kali aku try muffin nih, ble tahan jgk rasanya sedap. Resepi asalnya ada letak oat kat atas tp aku xminat sgt, bhgn Maira dia nk yg ada coklat. Selalu bila lalu kat kedai bakeri sedap je bau muffin, mcm2 jenis ada telan air liur je la, xhalal. Balik cari resepi la.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Aktiviti baru

Xsempat nak update, kebelakangan nih aku sibuk sikit, now terasa lega dan lapang sedikit kepala aku, byk urusan perlu disetelkan kebelakangan ni, urusan harian biasalah memasak, mengemas, menjaga anak yg dah bertambah sorang lg nih, masing2 ada karenah sendiri sorang xnak duduk nak dipegang & manja2 biasala baby dan yg sorang lg xble duduk diam kalau xdiawasi ntah apa2 projek yg dia buat punggah itu punggah ini, main gunting nih mmg favourite dia sampai ke cadar pn dah diguntingnya. Skrg tempoh bertenang & lalui rutin harian spt biasa. Actually byk aktiviti aku kat sni compare masa aku kat Srwak dlu. Lagi mudah aku rasa nk join aktiviti komuniti disini drpd Msia sbb diaorg sni byk aktiviti. Walau bukan utk aku tp utk kanak2 baya Maira pn dah cukup. Baru2 nih aku ada join state library kat umah aku je Victoria Park. Byk benefit yg aku dpt ble pinjam buku, ble pinjam majalah, ada storytime utk Maira, ble pinjam DVD and ble isi masa lapang bwk Maira jln2 &main kat tmn mainan berpasir sebelah dia . So important thing ada la aktiviti utk aku & Maira ops lupa utk adik juga petang2 tu. Xdelah asyik main bola je kat bwh umah tu.Bestnya library kat sni ble bwk baby masuk, automatically housewife mcm aku nih ble la join sekali yela kalau x, sape lak nk jaga anak kalau maknya msk library. Walaupun kalau nk diikutkan xde menda sgt tp cukuplah utk setakat ini. Sok2 aku explore lg apa lg aktiviti ble aku join. Ops cakap pasal DVD kat sni xde masalah cetak rompak. Nak tgk movie berkenan kenala kuar duit sikit beli yg original. Harga?Emmmm.....actually apa2 brg kat sni pricenya xbyk beza dgn Msia bezanya matawangnya je tukar jd AUD . Emm so harga utk sekeping CD rm30=rm90 kat sni,hahaaaaa.....xsanggup aku nk kuar duit sebanyak itu utk ini. Sanggup lg aku tunggu je sampai tayang kat tv nih. & aku xkisahpn sbb every week tiap ari jumaat, sabtu & ahad ada movie. Ble tahan gak citer nya xde la lapok sgt.

Aku dgn Maira masa gi Family Fun Day anjuran library Victoria Park.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Save our earth

Recycle.........igt lg x lagu tu? Post kali nih aku nk highlight pasal tu. Penggunaan kertas dan plastik beg dgn bijak begitu ditekan dibumi Perth ini. Kebiasaannya di shopping complex atau kedai runcit diaorg sni akan bwk shopping beg sendiri. So dgn cara itu penggunaan plastik beg dpt dielakkan. Kadang2 tu ada yg bwk beg galas sendiri utk isi brg2 runcit yg dibeli. And kalau setakat beli 1-2 brg tu mmg diaorg xamik plastik beg pn bwk pkai tgn je,heheee. Kertas pn sama kalau gi library kt ble tukarkan paper2 lama tu dgn yg baru. Penggunaan kertas hingga ke tahap maksima selagi ble conteng lg kat atasnya. Recycle paper sgt2 dialukan. And at the same time pendidikan pengguna disini sgt tinggi. Information byk disalurkan melalui pamphlet2 & news papers (bkn news paper harian tu, nih yg knowledge and senarai aktiviti di sni) yg diedarkan secara percuma di shopping complex, library, every where ada je aku jumpa. So tinggal nk baca je.

Petang semlm slps husband aku pulang dr kampus dia menunjukkan kpd aku envelops yg digunakan oleh supervisornya utk memuatkan surat kpdnya. Muka hadapan envelops ini penuh dgn partition2 nama penerima yg pernah menggunakannya. Envelop ini telah digunakan berulang kali dr tangan ke tangan utk kegunaan dlm kampus uwa. Terfikir aku betapa bernilainya sekeping kertas kepada kita dan menjadi tanggungjawab kita utk bijak menggunakannya.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Asingnya ku rasa

Emm sejak dah setengah tahun aku kat bumi Perth nih byk benda baru aku dah blaja indirect education maksud aku. Byk kesedaran yg aku dpt. Sebenarnya aku dah xsabar nk balik Malaysia nk teruskan perjuangan aku yg terbengkalai dlu, I mean my ambition. Dah 4thn aku sentiasa mengingatkan diri aku utk bersabar sbb keadaan xmengizinkan. Harap balik nnti lg 3thn aku ble teruskan cita2 aku tu. Apa lg carik keje la. Bukan maknanya aku xhepi dok umah jd fulltime housewife merangkap fulltime mother tp kepuasan dlm hidup tu aku xdpt lg. I need friends & I need to earn an extra money by myself. Sbb tu cita2 aku sejak kecik lg wpn selalu bertukar2 nk jd apa tiap kali cikgu bg report kad yg ada column cita2 tu,hehee.....siap nk jd pramugari pn ada tu,hahaaa.....kelakar btl kalau tingat balik. So sementara tu, aku sentiasa pastikan aku enjoy dlu dgn apa yg ada maknanya pandai2 la menyesuaikan diri walau dimana berada. Hidup mesti enjoy nothing worst than death. Sbb aku percaya setiap kemanisan pasti ada kepayahannya dlu. First time aku pijak kaki kat negeri org nih aku takut sbnrnya. Yelaa speaking berterabur past tense ke present tense emm ntah la. Dah bertahun aku xbercakap org putih nih, so aku takut betul bila kena bercakap sbb xfamiliar dgn slang Australia. Diaorg bercakap memang cpt telinga tu mmg kena pasang btl2, otherwise mmg xdpt catch up apa yg disebut. Pelan2 aku cuba dktkan diri dgn komuniti sni, mungkin itu cara terbaik aku rasa utk bina self confident aku. Org pertama yg aku jumpa masa tu GP (Dr) aku masa tu aku pregnant 6 bln utk adik Haziq. No choice kena berckp jgk sbb aku yg pregnant bkn husband aku xkn dia plak nk bercakap bg pihak aku, teruk sgt klau camtu. Lepas dr tu aku gi bercakap ngan cashier kat kedai plak,heheeee..... gi shopping la maknanya tu byr sendiri. So far aku dah rasa makin confident skt, coz practice makes perfect.